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Dean Message:

The College of Business Administration at Hotat Bani Tamim is a component of Salman Bin Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia. The design of its programs refers to recent and best international curriculums.

The College’s programs aim to provide the public and private sectors with outstanding human resources ready to serve the nation. While the college’s focuses currently on the bachelor’s programs in business administration, its aims to develop postgraduate curriculums.

Furthermore, the college serves the community through the delivery of English and computer programs to external and internal employees and other types of recipients. The goal is to foster their skills so they can serve effectively at both the local and national levels. Such skills must go along with the labor market requirements and the changes in the external socio-economic environment. 

The college’s graduates should master communication (e.g.; English) and technical skills specifically computer‘s competencies and the information analysis and prediction.      

Additionally, the college plans to develop research’s chairs and to support the establishment of leading scientific associations and centers. This should benefit the sustainable development of the Province, develop the scientific research, and boost technical progress.

The college includes six departments: (i) Accounting; (ii) Business Administration; (iii) Finance; ;( v) Management Information Systems; (iii) Marketing; and (vi) Risk Management & Insurance.    

I am so hopeful that these college’s departments will contribute successfully to the process of development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the delivery of outstanding human resources.

Dean of the College of Business Administration at Hotat Bani Tamim

Dr. Khalid A. Alotaibi   

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