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Praise to Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon His honorable Messenger, his household and companions. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is interested in higher education to consolidate the importance of science and knowledge among its citizens and to develop their talents by qualifying them with the knowledge, skills and experiences required in the labor market. Higher education is considered to be a stepping stone in propelling the development process through the preparation of Human cadres qualified for serving our beloved country. Prince Sattam bin Abdul-Aziz University, with its elevated mission and far-sighted vision in all academic branches, is one of the academic institutions that seeks to provide specialized cadres qualified to work in various sectors. The College of Business Administration in Hotat Bani Tamim with its six departments (accounting, finance, administration, management information systems, marketing, risk management and insurance) seeks in this context to be a leading institution in business administration through the presentation and implementation of advanced study plans that keep pace with our progressive world and supports the vision of the university and the vision of the Kingdom 2030. The college of Business Administration exerts serious efforts to qualify its students for the labor market through the presentation of theoretical knowledge and information in its approved curricula, and through the practical aspects of field training in private and governmental sectors. It also seeks to activate all the units in the college (graduates - academic advising - e-learning - development and quality - student activity) to contribute to the development of the students' personal and life skills. The role of the college is not limited to the educational process, but extends to the service of the local community through the contribution of teaching staff and academic experts who provide training programs, conduct regular meetings, and deliver scientific lectures to the various sectors of society. We welcome you dear visitor to our website which is one of the channels of communication between the college, the students and members of local community. We also appreciate all your proposals that may serve our goals and help the students. At the end we ask Allah the Almighty to help us carry out the mission and vision of our college.

The Dean Designate of College of Business Administration

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Dawood

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