The Dean of the College

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According to Article 37 of the higher education system and universities, the Dean of the College is a faculty member of the faculty who runs the scientific, administrative and financial affairs of the faculty within the limits of the system and its regulations.

The Dean responsibilities:

1 - Presidency of the College Board, organization of its affairs, invitation to attend its meetings and the implementation of its decisions.

2 - Supervising the preparation of the strategic plan for the college and following-up implementation.

3. Supervising the college's educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.

4. Forming the committees necessary to perform the work of the college.

5. Supervising the progress of the educational process, implementing its plans and developing its academic programs.

6. Application of quality and evaluation systems and regulations and academic accreditation.

7. Supervising various student activities in the college.

8.Supervising the recruitment of faculty members.

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