vision, mission and Goals

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Pioneering in the field of business administration at the regional level.


Provision of distinguished education and preparation of scientifically and administratively qualified graduates in accordance with national and international standards through providing distinctive educational and research programs that achieve sustainable partnership with the community and optimal investment of human and technical resources.


1. Quality and Excellence: The College is committed to quality standards and excellence in all its programs and projects.

2. Transparency and accountability: We are committed to presenting our programs and projects to the employees of the College and stakeholders whose suggestions are welcomed.

3. Teamwork: We believe in joint action and we are committed to team spirit in our work to achieve the set objectives.

4. Justice and Integrity: The College is committed to applying the standards of justice and integrity to all its employees.

5. Continuous development: We continuously develop our programs and work and adhere to the best international standards.


We aim at:

1. Enhancing students' abilities and skills;

2. Developing human resource capabilities;

3. Achieving excellence in scientific research;

4. Providing an attractive environment to polarize and retain outstanding faculty members staff;

5. Building the gaps with the community by communication;

6. Developing academic programs in accordance with quality standards and academic accreditation locally and internationally;

7. Developing self- financial resources;

8. Building a supportive administrative system.

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