vision, mission and Goals

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Lead in the field of business administration at the local level and deliver outstanding leaders, managers, and professionals. They should be able to compete locally and respond effectively to the job market needs.


Our mission focuses on two main aspects: (i) prepare qualified and distinguished graduates that are well trained and aligned with the professional requirements of all specializations within the college; (ii) excel in the community service and continuous professional development of human resources in a variety of areas such as languages and computer skills.

Our Goals are to:

·         Foster and develop competent managers and professionals capable to lead and to utilize main functions of management (planning; organizing; leading; & controlling) in both the private and the public sectors.  

·          Achieve excellence in education by providing an effective curriculum and utilizing up-to-date educational tools, technology, and modes of delivery.  

·         Facilitate the professional development of faculties and empower them with new technologies in order to enrich the learning experience of graduates.

      We believe that the accomplishment of these goals should contribute effectively to the socioeconomic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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